2020 Congregational Meeting Guidelines for EFC Churches

Given the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic where many EFC churches worldwide are conducting services and meetings via the Internet. The EFC General Assembly has the following recommendations with regard to the upcoming congregational meeting and the election of elders, deacons, and co-workers for 2021. All local churches are encouraged to follow these recommendations in conjunction with local government regulations.


  • In keeping with the spirit of involving congregation on major ministry decisions, local churches should follow EFC Bylaw B5100-B5136 to conduct 2020 congregational meeting and election of elders, deacons, and co-workers.
  • Format of congregational meeting could be in-person, virtual, or hybrid.


  • For churches that have been keeping track of worship service attendance by name, an Active Member List should be finalized according to EFC Bylaw C1100-C1500.
  • For churches that DO NOT have current attendance data due to the pandemic, local church should use the Active Member List from the most recent congregational meeting as the base. Discernment should be applied if any modification is needed.


  • For churches that are able to conduct “In-Person” congregational meeting, election should follow normal procedure according to EFC Bylaw C3100-C3700.
  • For churches that are UNABLE to conduct “In-Person” congregational meeting, the following alternative voting methods may be considered: 
    1. Electronic Voting: Use Zoom, LINE, or other online election platforms where active members may participate in anonymous voting.
    2. Mail-In Voting: Provide numbered ballot and stamped return envelope to active members in advance. Active members can then mail back the ballot to a designated recipient before polling day.
    3. On-Site Voting: On the day of the congregational meeting, provide polling stations in church parking lot for Active Members to cast their vote.
    4. Combinations of methods mentioned above.


  • Regardless of the voting method, election process and ballot counting should follow EFC Bylaw C1600-1900 and C3500-3540.