40 DAYS OF PRAYER (2021)


Day 01 – Thanksgiving Offering

O Lord! At this moment, my family and I stand humbly before Your throne of grace, we offer up our gratitudes and thanksgiving for ourselves, our love ones, our church, our community, and all the General Assembly coworkers. We thank You for Your protection and care in everything we have gone through recently.

I also want to ask for Your blessings to be upon my brothers and sisters in the name of the Lord, for those who have been stuck at home due to the pandemic in the last few months, for those who had to make dramatic adjustments in work, ministry, and life:

May you be able to spend time to draw near to the Lord, to hear His voice, and to receive His revelation. May your life be renewed, to be filled by the Holy Spirit, and to have the desire to know God’s word and to seek His will.

I also want to pray for brothers and sisters who have been impacted by the political situations in the United States, for those who went through the feelings of disappointment, worries, fear, and anxieties, but were able to reflect and been encouraged and comforted by the Lord:

May you all fear God, turn away from evil and do good, so you may dwell forever, not forsaken, and preserved forever. May God keep your steps from slipping, so that you may inherit the land and dwell upon it forever!

Amen! (Psalm 37:27, 28, 31)

Rev. Allen Hu
EFC General Assembly