40 DAYS OF PRAYER (2021)


Day 11 – Prayer of Blessings

O Lord! Thank You for Your constant presence. When we are weak and desperate, you are the source of all hopes. As we live according to Your words, we believe your grace will flow everlasting. As we come before Your throne of grace this very moment, we present ourselves, our church, and the nations before You with sincere reverence. We offer up our thanksgiving, praise, and prayers for the world that we are living in.

We realize as long as we seek You wholeheartedly, You will surely bless us with Your peace. However, circumstances often cause fear within our hearts, bringing worries about future uncertainties. We want to offer up our sincere prayers, for the political turbulence and the global COVID-19 pandemics. May You show Your grace and mercy, to shine upon this generation, allow nations to see Your glory. May You be merciful towards Your people, to receive Your mighty healing, allow Your people to stand at the gap, to respond to Your calling, and to experience revival with Your church.

During this difficult time, we also want to pray for all the pastors and coworkers of churches all around the world. May You reign in the ministries of Your servants, to grant the spirit of unity, to take away all obstacles. May You bless every one of Your people with an open heart, to support their pastors and coworkers with prayers.

We believe with deep conviction: You sit enthroned over the flood. When the nations shake, we need to firmly hold onto Your faithfulness and Your grace, we thank You and we praise You. We thank you for giving us peace and health, we also pray for You to comfort those who are hurting. May You turn all the challenges ahead of us into motivations to move the Gospel forward, so that more will become Your children, bring praises to you.

We pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!

Rev. Wesley Chen
EFC Sydney