40 DAYS OF PRAYER (2021)


Day 06 – For Such A Time As This

O Lord God, You are my Creator, my Redeemer and my Good Shepherd.
You reign in all the earth; You reign in history.
You reign in my life and in all my circumstances.

So why am I stuck here, now, in the midst of a global pandemic?
Why am I stuck here, among suffering and devastated people?
Why am I stuck here – with my own wound and scars?

Then… I was reminded by the eternal Truth:

God puts us where we are – for His purpose.
God puts us in the time we are in – for His purpose.
God puts us in the network of relationships we are in – for His purpose.

God pushed us through the life experience we’ve encountered – for His purpose.
Through all these, God bids us into His Throne Room to encounter Him face to face.

So we might know Him more intimately.
So we might see ourselves mask-free.
So we might see others as God intended them to be.

For my Savior was also nailed on a wooden cross.
For my Savior was also confined in a turmoil time.
For my Savior was also stuck in a network of people – some hostile, some curious, some indifferent, most utterly perplexed.

For my Savior willed to come into a broken world in a chaotic time to encounter rejection, alienation and betrayal.
All to fulfill God’s purpose of redemption, restoration and renewal – for you and I.

So, I am here – rekindling my little candle with the flame of the Spirit.
So, I am in this time – meditating on the hopeful message for this renegade era.
So, I am in this network of people – uttering what the Spirit whispers in my heart.

I am where God wants me to be – unveiling my wounds so people might feel safe to reveal their scars.

Be rested, and know that you are where God wants you to be.

Rev. Alfie Tsay
EFC Orange County