40 DAYS OF PRAYER (2021)


Day 08 – Thanksgiving & Blessings

Glory Father God, for your deeds in my house, the house of honor, and the churches, we offer worship and thanks!

The number of people in our church is small and not young; you talked to my home and the church through my mother-in-law’s sudden fall on February 9th, because my mother-in-law seems to be a weak person in life and faith. She also often said: I understand a little bit of God’s words, but I cannot say or preach it; she also often said: I am weak, ask the Lord to add strength. You reminded me on February 10: “Not only that, but the body’s limbs are thought to be weak and indispensable. We regard the body’s limbs as indecent, so we add decentness to him more and more; not the handsome, the more handsome.” It seems that by comparison, the handsome and strong are fine, but the more indispensable are the weak and the church. Has the “indispensable” ever appeared in the Bible? “Luke 10:42 But there is only one indispensable thing; Mary has chosen the best blessings and cannot be taken away.” It turns out that it is indispensable for Mary to sit at the feet of the Lord and love and listen to the Lord. What is the most indispensable thing? It is Jesus Christ that weak people rely on, sit at the feet of the Lord, listen, and admire. The mother-in-law represents the weak body, the weak church.

I bless you in the name of the Lord Jesus: Those who see themselves as weak, discouraged, disappointed, and failed members, you are an extremely precious instrument of God the Father, and even more indispensable to God’s family. God has never forgotten you; He loves you; He Sees that you are treasured and respected, He will protect you over those weaknesses and failures, and lead you into God’s promised land! Not only that, but God also the Father wants to use these experiences of you to become a channel for the blessing of those around you, so that the glory can be fully attributed to God the Father.

Bless in the name of the Lord Jesus, amen!

Pastor John Zhang
EFC House of Honor