40 DAYS OF PRAYER (2021)


Day 12 – Prayer of Renewal

Merciful heavenly Father, gracious Lord, we thank you, praise you, and give you glory!

We, “Let us tell the next generations about the virtues and powers of Jehovah, and his wonderful works… So that they will look to God and not forget what God has done, but only to obey his commands. “(Psalm 78: 4,7)

The Lord who sympathizes with the people on the earth is also the God who gathers the saints on the earth, we worship you with awe and tell your deeds with gratitude, on celebrating the 30th anniversary with the platform, we give all the glory to You on the throne.

When your children obey your call and respond to Christ’s salvation on the cross, we are experiencing the presence you promised, and through the trials you have permitted, on the journey towards maturity and growth, proclaim the holy name of Christ to the world and testify of Jesus’ love.

Lord of mercy, pray that You forgive us, in many things, because of our selfishness and flesh, our weakness and stupidity, to humiliate the name of the Lord, hurt the brothers and sisters, and even the ministry. However, your grace and love give us the opportunity to repent and return.

God who gathers us, may you show us again, imprint your words on our hearts and give us a keen spirit to observe the work of the Holy Spirit. We wish you the first place in our lives, the kingship, use our transformed life to bring out influence in life.

Lord who establishes and cares for peace, may you raise up your people and send messengers of reconciliation with the help of the Lord, we commit ourselves to equip the disciples of Christ, inherit the Christian faith in the family and the family, also, in God’s home, through the building of life and the continuation of ministry and the gospel.

Lord, may we be filled with the Holy Spirit and faith in you, filled with your grace and power, To give a good testimony to the Lord! May the glory be attributed to the Triune God!

In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, amen!

Postscript: May God personally commemorate every pastor and brothers and sisters who have participated in the establishment, construction, and growth of EFC of Alhambra.

Rev. Daniel Wu
EFC Alhambra