40 DAYS OF PRAYER (2021)


Day 17 – The Sovereign God

Dear lord,

Thank you for blessing us with the heavenly peace from You.

Thank You for Your exceptional care and protection of Your children during this last year. Despite all the changes with the external circumstances, our hearts are full of peace. For we know You are with us, and You remain sovereign in all the earth. You are the first, You are the last, all is in Your grasp, all is in Your knowledge.

O Lord! Thank You for allowing us to be more aware of the fragility and helplessness of life through adversity. Although the external threat and impact disrupted our routine in life, causing anxiety in our hearts; however, we cannot help but to face and accept the reality, and we learned to rely on You even more. We know there is a last day in this world, and what You have spoken through the Bible is true. Thank You Lord for guarding our hearts, allowing us to come before Your throne of grace when we are scared and not knowing what to do. Your words stabilize us, becoming our thoughts and strength.

O Lord! Because of the pandemic, people worldwide are encountering financial challenges, as well as being despair and sorrowful when experiencing the death of love ones. But Lord, we know You mourn with those who mourn, You will wipe away their tears personally. You will comfort them, encourage them, allowing them to regain hope and strength. O Lord, may You grant us compassion that comes from You, allowing us to sympathize and to comfort those who are hurting. O Lord, please open our spiritual eyes, to see how much we need Your grace in this empty world. Help us to seize this moment, and bring Your love and the truth of Your word into people’s life.

O Lord, we cannot control the progression of the pandemic, but all is still in Your hands. O Lord, help us to view everything that is happening now with an eternal perspective. Help us not to fix our eyes on the things of this world that we think has values. Help us to reflect upon our value systems, help us to pay emphasis on what matters to You. Allowing us to walk in Your will, and do all that is pleasing to You.

Thank You Lord for listening to our prayers, in the victorious name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

Rev. Shu-Chuan Teng
EFC Emmanuel