40 DAYS OF PRAYER (2021)


Day 28 – The Resurrected Lord

Our Heavenly Father who loves us with everlasting love,

During this COVID-19 pandemic year, despite being caught off guard by the unexpected, we still praise You for watching us, protecting us, and leading us through this challenging year.

During this year, much was missed:

We weren’t able to provide enough care, we weren’t able to make enough calls. We weren’t able to share the gospel to friends, nor to lead people to Christ. We weren’t able to sing praises in one voice with brothers and sisters, we could not worship together in the house of God. We weren’t able to serve together in church. We weren’t able to strengthen those who were feeling lonely and despair.

O Lord, You know we are weak, incompetent, lacking, and inadequate. You came to this world to take on the curse and the trials on our behalf. In this lenten season, we remember how You suffered for us, the stripes, the torture, and the scars.

As the night is far gone, and the day is at hand, the question is, O Lord, am I ready? Will I be able to seize the second opportunity given by the Lord?

O Lord, despite the pandemic escalating, through it all, may You reveal the work of God!

O Lord, in preparation for the days ahead, we must do the work of the Lord, accomplishing the mission given to us!

May the resurrected Lord make us strong and courageous, open the door of the gospel, strengthen us to believe that we can do what the Lord has done, and through the power of the Lord, to do greater things! For You are interceding for us before the Father.

On the morning of Easter, You mightily shined the light of hope into this dark world!

O Lord, thank You for giving us new mercies every morning, may You be our arm every morning.

May Your resurrected glory shine on us. We shall be a crown of beauty and a royal diadem in Your hand, for this is pleasing to You.

In this coming age, may You anoint us to bring good news to the poor and to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor. In this coming glorious age, may all the EFCers participate and not be absent.

Our sincere prayer is in the holy name of Lord Jesus Christ, amen!

Rev. Chien-Kou Shieh
EFC Hacienda Heights