40 DAYS OF PRAYER (2021)


Day 39 – I Will Be With You

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for watching over this land! Although the pandemic in 2020 caused people all over the world to experience the unprecedented global crisis, separation, and pain, and it is still ongoing. Yet we praise You! We can still continue to share the good news with people through various methods.
Father God, thank You for giving us Your redemptive grace; You love us, You desire all to be saved and not wishing any should perish. Lord Jesus! In these last days, please forgive us for not loving You enough, for not obeying Your commands, and for not being passionate enough in our responses. May You help us to adjust our unpleasing attitudes towards You, may You remind us constantly, may You speak to us and to give each and every one of Your children the unceasing passion to win people for the Lord!
O Lord! You said, “I will be with you.” Yes Lord! What a great protection to depend on, I know for certain, if it weren’t for Your promised presence, we would not have where we are today. Lord Jesus, I know You take pleasure in our lives more than what we do, there is nothing we can do if we stray away from You. Dear Lord, may You help us to have the desire to draw closer to You and to experience You more. May You examine our hearts, help us to have wisdom to make right decisions, to guard our hearts above all else, so that our offerings would be pleasing to You! Help us to fix our eyes on You, on Your word, on Your Spirit, and not to look at our own weaknesses and pain. May the Holy Spirit guide us, grant us wisdom to be near people, and to lead people to hear the gospel, becoming children of God.
Holy Spirit, may You help all the EFC churches to have a devoted heart to love You, to have passion to save souls, this is our desire under current circumstances. May all glory and praises be to our Father in heaven! Our prayers and gratitude are in the holy name of my Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!
Pastor Jenny Kuo
EFC Changhua