Logos Evangelical Seminary

Established in 1989, Logos Evangelical Seminary is the first seminary dedicated to the Chinese speaking community accredited by both ATS (Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada) and WSCUC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges). Through a variety of curriculum and programs in a bi-lingual learning environment with a strong emphasis on practical application of Bible, theology and culture, Logos strives to equip and transform each student into a good shepherd for the world and a tree that bears good fruits abundantly. To learn more about Logos, please visit

Global Life Enrichment Center

Established in 1995, Global Life Enrichment Center is a mission organization specialized in cross-cultural missions. With “Bridge to Global Mission” as its motto, GLEC strives to serve as a bridge to bring mission partners together to participate in global mission work. The vision GLEC received from God is to bring the abundant life of Jesus Christ into people’s life, family, community, and to the world through mission, education, and charity. Currently GLEC has six mission hubs in United States, Taiwan, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia. To learn more about GLEC, please visit


Logos Evangelical Seminary in Taiwan

Established in 2007, Logos Evangelical Seminary in Taiwan birthed out of the calling to develop kingdom workers of this generation in Taiwan. Sharing the same DNA as the sister seminary in the United States, Logos in Taiwan places a strong emphasis on spiritual formation, biblical knowledge, ministry training, and practical living. Accredited by ATA (Asia Theological Association) in 2012, Logos in Taiwan continues to encourage students to imitate Jesus Christ and to be able to kneel to pray, stand to preach, and to go and proclaim in the mission field. To learn more about Logos in Taiwan, please visit

EFC Foundation

Established in 2009, EFC Foundation serves EFC’s mission and vision through partnering with donors, meeting donors’ charitable intent, and creating a platform to connect generations and ministries. The primary purpose of EFC Foundation is to benefit and support the evangelical mission, human resource development, church property purchase and/or construction, ministerial benefits and disasters relief activities of the EFC General Assembly. EFC Foundation strives to bear fruit through effective stewardship and investment. To learn more about EFC Foundation, please visit

EFC Foundation