Response to the Shooting in Laguna Woods

In response to the shooting incident that took place on May 15 at Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church in Southern California resulting in one person losing his life and five people injured, the Evangelical Formosan Church General Assembly issues the following statement:

1. We are deeply saddened and regretful by this shooting incident and would like to express our deepest condolences to the victims and their families. We call upon brothers and sisters in Christ to pray earnestly for the five wounded church members as well as the entire church congregation. May God’s mercy, healing, and comfort be upon His church.

2. This incident took place within the Taiwanese elderly community. We call upon everyone to express their love through appropriate channels, and to be proactive in providing practical assistance and support to help the brothers and sisters of ITPC to overcome this challenging time. Be sure to also pray earnestly for the pastors and leaders of the church to have wisdom and strength from above, for God’s peace to overcome the fear and the hurt, and gradually restore the meetings and the fellowship of the church.

3. We call upon brothers and sisters to care for the elderlies within their own families and communities, especially in the midst of the pandemic, with the rising of racial and political tensions. Take initiative in caring in a timely manner, to keep an eye out for one another, to make regular phone calls and to conduct visitations, to understand the living conditions and actual needs of the elderlies, to provide comfort, encouragement, and support, to check doors and windows to ensure a safe environment, and to increase vigilance to prevent accidents from happening. Be sure to verify the validity of property insurance for homes and churches. If necessary, please contact the General Assembly office.

May God’s peace be with all the brothers and sisters!


Pastor-In-Charge / Rev. Benson Wang
Moderator / Dr. Roger Tsai
Secretary General / Rev. Allen Hu