The Path of Grace

Located in the state of Minnesota, EFC Twin Cities was established in the 1970’s, a classic North American Taiwanese church birthed out of a Bible study group. Soon after their building purchase in 1982, the church responded to EFC’s vision of “Attempt Great Things for God, Rescue Millions of Souls” in 1984 by becoming the first church outside of California to join the EFC denomination. This decision opened the door for EFC to expand its church planting effort throughout the United States.

EFC Twin Cities is located in the Midwest region of the United States. The area was originally predominately Caucasians with highly developed commerce, transportation, art, culture, and education. When the church first started, it was lacking in resources on many fronts; however, God inspired a group of faithful brothers and sisters to gather together, much like the early church days in the book of Acts. From Bible study, fellowship, all the way to the purchasing of the church building, brothers and sisters prayed in one accord, they grew together, got to know God deeper, supported one another, and they set evangelism as their mission. In the last forty some years, seven different pastors came through the church (On average, 3-5 years per pastor), but brothers and sisters remained faithful in supporting the church, holding onto the Great Commission given by the Lord Jesus, standing firmly as it continues to spread the gospel.

It is quite a distance going from the EFCGA Headquarters in Southern California to EFC Twin Cities in Minnesota; however, through church publications, reports, and updates from pastors over the years, EFC Twin Cities has always been known for its faithfulness, goodness, passion, perseverance, courage, and love. Just like what the Scripture says in John 1:16, “For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.” Upon reflections, there might have been laughter and tears over the years, perhaps mountain tops and valley lows, and yet, it has also been a path full of anointing and grace!

EFC Twin Cities is also extremely close to Minnesota State University, some student housings are just walking distance. Due to the frequent presence of international students and visiting scholars, EFC Twin Cities often plays host to visitors passing through. There has been countless students and families that have passed through the church, leaving behind lots of beautiful memories. Rev. Yue-Ta Lai and wife have been serving faithfully at the church since 2017. As they continue to serve with passion and sincerity, they will surely lead the brothers and sisters of EFC Twin Cities to the next chapter of gospel mission.