40 DAYS OF PRAYER (2021)


Day 20 – The Prayer of Praises and Blessings

O Lord, God of heaven, the great and awesome God, You are One who keeps covenant and steadfast love, You lead us with cords of kindness, with the bands of love, You are always with us, protecting us, neither slumber nor sleep. You are our great Shepherd, You give ear and hear our voice. We thank You for carrying us through this difficult year with Your strong and mighty hands. COVID-19 cannot separate us from Your love. Through Internet technology, we still can praise and worship You for You are worthy of all praises!

In the name of the Lord, I pray for blessings upon the following:

  1. May God raise up spiritual leaders who fear You, leading God’s people to walk according to Your ways with truth and righteousness.
  2. For the pandemic to be under control, may God provide peace for all the families affected.
  3. May You raise up powerful intercessors to ignite the fire of spiritual revival all over the world.
  4. For EFC General Assembly, EFC Ministerial Association, and Logos Evangelical Seminary to become the Iron Triangle, established on the spiritual solid rock of Jesus Christ. To make a life purpose to share the gosplel, to win souls for Christ, and to run the race towards the goal.
  5. For the pastoral coworkers to revive vision through prayers, to understand Your desires, devote to shepherd the flocks, winning souls, adding numbers, leading congregations to follow the Lord in one accord, continue on the path to attempt great things for God and to fulfill the calling to the Saints!
  6. May God’s gracious hands lead missionaries all over the world, wherever they place their feet, may that become a channel to share the gospel, allowing God’s kingdom to expand, to bring glory to His name.
  7. For Christians all over the world to have living faith, to build, to connect, and to seize every moment to testify for God.
  8. May He turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers, so that Christ-centered families can be built up.
  9. May the Holy Spirit stir up the churches to continue the legacy of faith, to equip those under 30s, to educate parents of young children, to enter into a new chapter by the grace of the Lord.
  10. Pray for Pastor Samuel Shaw (12/3 Diagnosed with Brain Tumor) and Missionary Jonathan Su in Africa (Son of Pastor Wilfred Su) to receive complete healing.

May the Lord listen and honor my humble prayers!

Rev. Amy Lin
EFC Irvine