2020 EFC National Day of Prayer

As we face severe pandemic worldwide, we desperately need to raise our hands in prayer to repent and ask God for His mercy. At the same time, we need to pray for God to bring down spiritual revival, so that God’s people can once again turn their hearts to God and restore family value.

EFC General Assembly and Women’s Association will be hosting the 2020 EFC National Day of Prayer Event on May 7, 2020 from 10am-11am Pacific Standard Time. The theme this year is: Repent, Healing, Revival.

Various pastors from the North America region will be leading our EFC family in prayer as we humble ourselves and to seek His face. May we experience His mercy and grace once again. Let us serve our God on bended knees as we seek for God’s revival to pour down.

The event will be broadcast live on the EFCGA YouTube channel :

We look forward to your participation,

Rev. Livingstone Liu / Pastor-In-Charge
Roger Tsai / Moderator
Rev. Allen Hu / Secretary General