EFC Bookstore / EFC Communication Public Announcement

Whereas the Bookstore of the EFC Communication Center was in operation from 1997 to 2017, EFCGA has agreed with the authors and/or owners of the attached list of items (including books, music CDs and/or other items) to be consigned for sale. Since the Bookstore has ceased operations on July 31, 2017, and no longer engaged in the consignment for sale of any books, music CDs and other items. EFCGA has tried notifying all the authors and/or owners of these items as provided in the attached list to take back all the consigned items accordingly, while some notifications failed to reach the authors and/or owners.

Thus, EFCGA hereby notifies publicly to the authors and owners of the books, music CDs and other items as provided as the attached list, to contact EFCGA at your earliest convenience for the return, possible donation, or disposal of the items by or before April 30th, 2021. EFCGA will dispose or donate these items to organizations or individuals at our discretion by May 2021 should we not hear from you by the above-mentioned date.

If any brothers and sisters from local churches know the author and/or owner of these items, please feel free to provide relevant information or contact EFCGA accordingly. (Director En-Jen Cheng : 626-679-3676, Email:

For details of consignment unit, please Click here to View.


Minister En-Jen Cheng
Director of Administration
EFC General Assembly

October 9, 2020